Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Posting after ages. This time its a Song. Penned a few days back. Was listening to some love songs on my iPod and felt that I too should write some.
And as I was writing, I even had a tune to go with this one. I am sure I'll forget the tune soon enough.
Well, without further ado, here it goes.


I love my life, 'cos I have love in my life.
I have my love, the love of my life.
She is the one, I've searched all my life.
She is the one. She's my love and my life.

I was alone when she walked in.
Reading a book and she joined in.
We began a story,
The two of us together.
Love began and we started livin'.

I love my life.....

She is with me, and it all feels so right.
She's in my thoughts, by day and by night.
In the darkness, she brought in the light.
Now all my days are sunny and bright.

I love my life..

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Love in your Heart

It's been sometime since I last wrote. Rather last posted here.
Have been promising myself and some other friends that I would post asap. But that did not come to be.

So here's one that I wrote sometime in December.

To what place will you go, my love?
To which place will you flee?
To what land will you run to, my dear?
To go away and hide from me?

You may wrap yourself from the cold winter breeze,
Or hide yourself from the summer's heat.
You may shut your ears to every bird of spring,
But how can you not listen to your own heart beat?

You may lock every door and throw the keys.
Or walk away from every crowded street.
Tell me, my love, how can you possibly run away,
From the very shadow beneath your feet?

Don't think that I am far away my dear.
Think of me and I'm by your side.
Don't look for me in some distant land,
It is within you that I hide.

I am not the one you've heard, seen or met.
I do not play such a little part.
I am every loving feeling and thought you've had.
I am the Love in your heart.

Monday, November 20, 2006

On Dreams and Life

This something I wrote today. Fresh from the stable!!! Dated 20/11/06.

Dreams are dreams,
And life is life.
Life, actually can be made by dreams,
But dreaming does not always make a life.

Dreams are flights of imagination.
Sights seen by a mind that sees,
While you sleep, tired of life.
A dream is life as it can be.

You can make your dreams come true.
If you wake up, it is said.
Act, my friend, live your dreams,
Realise them before those thoughts are dead.

But beware, dreams are dreams and life is life.
They are as different as they can be.
If you wake up and live your dreams,
Life and dreams can set you free.

Friday, November 17, 2006

A Gift to God

What shall I give You, O' Lord?
You have given everything to me.
All that I have in this world, O' Lord,
Is your loving gift to me.

Shall I gift You a fragrant flower, My Lord?
It's Your fragrance the flower gives to me.
Shall I offer You a fruit, My Lord?
It is You who made the fruit so sweet.

Shall I give You my heart, O' Lord?
But does not my heart already belong to Thee?
Shall I make a prayer My Lord?
My prayers You have already granted me.

I can give You my love, My Lord,
That love too is Your gift to me.
What can I give You O'Lord?
Please Please Please help me.

Is it Your voice that I hear O'Lord?
Is this what You are telling me?
"What can you possibly give Me, My child?
When You are mine, and you belong to Me.

"The best thing you cna do for Me, My child,
Is to give away the love that I gave to thee.
Love all My childre as I love you, My child,
That way you would me loving Me.

"Love is all I want, My child!
Love is My best gift to Thee.
Love in you heart is Mine, My child!
Love is your best gift to Me."

That one was written on the 26th of October '02.

To all poets and wannabe poets!!

This was penned on 12/1/2000. I like this one for .... Well I just like it!!!

It's long since I've written poetry.
I want to write some now.
I've written a few before,
Now I wonder how.

Poetry, they say, is expression,
Expression of what you feel.
It flows when you're very happy
Or sad a very great deal.

Now I am feeling something,
Neither happy nor very sad.
Actually I do not know what I'm feeling,
Is that not pretty bad?

But I want to write poetry,
I want to spend some time.
Inspirations just not coming,
I am just not feeling fine.

I've just now noticed,
I've written sixteen lines.
It sounds poetic alright,
Like the ones I've written previous times.

I've discovered something today,
And to the world I declare this time.
You don't need inspiration for poetry,
All you need is rhyme.

You may or may not agree with the above rhyme(!) but then is that not one of the most important factors in a poetry?

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

A second childhood?

This is again one I liked. Written on the 4th of August 2002.

I think I have grown old.
I look at the little fellows and it seems to make me smile.
I see kids playing games and start thinking for a while.
"Well, once upon a time I too was like that"
As I think of this I smile. But at heart I am sad.

Sad? Yes I feel sad because..
Well! Once upon a time I too was like that.
Now with my older bones, I can't do all that.
I'm sort of sad, you know, feeling a bit bad.
Ah! the joys of childhood and the fun I've had.

As I look around,
They all look so small to me, their faces very bright.
I try to remember how I was, when I was their height.
Did I play like them and have all the fun?
Or did I miss my childhood by being a lazy one.

Ah, Look at that smile...
They all look so happy to me no worldly concern.
Play and fun is all they know, no hate no heartburn.
I've changed a lot, I feel, since I've been that old.
I too had, seems very long back, that wonderful heart of gold.

I begin to wonder,
Could I go back to the past and be a child agian?
Be a child forever and forever avoid this pain?
Be a child again! How wonderful it would be!
Once more a little child, would I recognise me?

Once more a little child,
Would it not be great? Or would it all be the same?
Would I be different? Or live it all again?
Would my life be different from the one I've had so far?
It would be in my hands to make my life or mar.

Keep trying!!

This is an inspiring one that I had written on 19th May 2000.

Try and miss, miss and try.
Miss again, again you try,
You might hit when you try.
If you miss, don't you cry.

Trial and error is the way of the world,
It's happening to man since the days of yore.
Try and you might hit the gold.
If you don't, God, don't scold.
Try again; Be bold.

To err is human, to forgive divine.
Give it a go man, bend your spine.
If you succed, well it's fine.
If you lose, don't you whine.
Try again, another time.

Success'll come. It'll come to you.
If not now, in a day or two.
If you try then it's your due.
Perhaps you are just in a longer queue.
And next time it could be you.

Lessons from life!!!

There is a page in my diary. I have turned to this page many times over.
The page is titled "Lessons from life". Here I keep adding one liners. I call them lessons from life. And I think they are some of the most important lessons that I have learnt.

  1. GOD KNOWS!!!
  2. Nobody is perfect.... Neither am I.
  3. There are no "accidents" in life.
  4. Every day, every moment is a learning experience. Watch out!!!
  5. Your will never get what you desire. You will only get what you deserve.
  6. Be satisfied with what you are now. You could not have been better off nor worse off.
  7. Everything happens for your own good.
  8. You never fail. It is another stepping stone to success.
  9. The world is a mirror. It reflects what you think, reacts to your actions and echoes your words.
  10. You have not lost till you have quit the game. So play on.

I'm not an island!!

This one again was in that same period of intense learning. Poem dated 22/1/05

I am not an island far out in the sea.
I am another human being, don't you see?
Stretch out your arm and touch me,
I am a human being like you, you'll see.

I am not an islan, don't ignore me.
Take my heart and give your's to me.
My heart too throbs with the same love, you'll see.
I can love you as much as you can love me.

I am not an islan very far from thee.
I am as close to you as you want me to be.
Take a step and try to reach me.
You will find that I have been waiting for thee.

No more my own!!

This one is somewhat closer to the present. 3rd Jan '05. A very painful time in my life. But then it was a very important part of my life. Amazing lessons learnt. Sort of defining period of my life.
And life went on... and goes on.
Here goes...

There's one thing in life, I've never known,
If there was someone in life I could call my own.
And then you came along, and I thought I was home.
But before I knew, you were gone.

You, my love, are no more my own.

You came into my life like a beautiful dawn.
Lit up my nights like the soothing moon.
You were the oasis across the desert dunes.
You were the cool breeze in the summer afternoons.

But now, my love, you are no longer my own.

Now, in my hear, there's only pain.
Your thoughts and memories driving me insane.
I've lost everything in love; nothing to gain...

And I don't remember why I stopped it here. May be, there was no point in going on.
The story had to end. And am glad that it did.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006


This was something I was thinking of some days back. Guess that is what blogs are meant for. Putting of record all that you think about. So here goes. Evolution!
I believe in evolution. That we are the descendents of apes who came down from trees for some unknown reason does make sense. That all creatures that we see around have evolved from primitive life forms, that were nothing like their descendents today, seems the obvious thing.
We learn and grow. So too species learn and become better species. Just like men learn and become better men, so also animals become better animals. Birds become better birds. Dogs better dogs and even donkeys better donkeys. Simple.
But has evolution reached it's final stage? Have we reached a time and level where we cannot evolve any further? That is the question that makes for some interesting thought.
I believe that the answer is no. Look at yourself. Are you perfect? I am not. And I do not think anyone of us is. And as I understand, since there is still scope for men to become better, so we will. We will evolve further.
The entire process starts from the very elements, atoms. A simple hydrogen atom vibrates harder to become helium. That tries to touch a higher energy level. So on and so forth, all the elements in the periodic table are formed.
To gain even higher energy levels, elements combine to form compounds. More and more complex compounds are formed. Gradually it takes the form of life forms. Life forms evolve into more complex life forms. First aquatic, the amphibians, reptiles, mammals and birds. They branch out find out which is the best way of evolving. Some felt that water was the place to be and they became better fishes. Others tool to the land and some to the air. They tried to gain greater energy. They ate plants or each other. All to gain energy. To get higher.
That is the name of the game.

And as we see today, man seems to be the most powerful being on this planet. Reason being that we are harnessing the energies of all types of elements available to make ourselves more powerful. We use tools. We use animals. We are trying to use the Sun, the Seas and the Wind to gain more energy. That is what makes man the most dominant life form on this planet.

Even as men we have evolved. From ape men we formed civilisations. We travelled to better lands that would give us more energy from better food. One civilisation subdued other civilisation to prove to one and all that their's was the right way of evolving. Conquering, converting. All ways of proving the might. Proving higher energy. And the way ahead.

And now? Now we are proving to others with better technology. Advanced research. Showing off our mental abilities. How we can bring more and more elements in our power and grow. So the most technologically advanced civilisation is considered most powerful and all try to emulate that civilisation.

Having come to this stage, what is the way ahead? How does man evolve further?

Answer is very simple. The answer lies in the very elements. Elements had to come together. And rise to the next level.
We too have to do that. The next step in evolution is the unification of mankind. Man can go to the next level only if they make up their minds to unite. COme together and raise the level of energy of the entire community. That will take us to the next level.

Practically speaking it involves imparting the knowledge to our children. Better education, that is the first step. So that the future generations are up to date on the advances that we have made so far and can then take it to the next level.
Teach them civility. Teach them community living. Share best practices.
This is not just to the children of today. It is also to be shared with those who are not civilised. Let all be brought up the curve. In terms of knowledge. We can go ahead only when all men are at par.
It is only once that we all come together, that we can go further.

Evolution is simply the coming together of elements and they moving up to the next energy level together.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Another Poem

This is another poem that I had penned ages ago. 30/09/2000 to be specific. One of my favourites.

If you can't be the fragrance,
Be like the breeze.
If you can't be the flower,
Be like the bees.

If you can't be the sun,
Be it's warmth on a rainy day.
If you can't be the moon,
To be it's coolness you must pray.

If you can't be the ocean,
Be the stream that relieves the thirsty.
If you can't be the sky,
Be the star that guides silently.

If you can't be the nourishing earth,
Be the dirt that feeds the tree.
If you can't be Almighty God,
Be His love that sets man free.

You are given a place on this Earth,
Lead your life in a useful way.
Strive to make it a beautiful place,
Make it happier by night and day.

All one needs in life is love,
Give it to all who need.
Don't waste time; life is short,
Every day do your noble deed.
Welcome to Thoughts/Ashwin